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ROC compliances

Post incorporation of a company , regular compliances varies as per nature of companies ( One Person Company, Private Limited, Limited Company) and day to day business activities. More or less few mandatory regular compliances every company has to meet with ROC on time throughout the year

Delay comply shall attract penalty upto 12 times of normal fee and Now a days consecutive 3 years non filing likely get chances for strike off by ROC and Directors Disqualifications from all other companies.

Basically there are two type of Compliances in general practice

A. Annual Compliances

     Auditors Appointment, Annual Return Filings etc

B. Special Compliances

     Changes in Capital, MOA/AOA Amemdment, Registered Address changes, etc

Benefits of Regular ROC Compliance

Save Penalty: Filling of Forms on time for regular compliances and special compliances saves heavy penalty of upto 12 times of normal fee.

Safe from Strike Off:
Regular annual compliance safeguard you from action now a days taking by ROC to strike off companies who have not file annual compliance for last 2 years and consequently safe guard Directors disqualification from other companies and legal penal provisions under companies act 2013. Restoration/ Activation of Company name cost Lakhs to the company.

Maintaining Company status Active:
Regular compliance helps to main company status active on ROC portal and up to date. Which helps company in many business activities like, taking finance, tender, third party inspection, etc.

Comply Legal Provision:
Maintaining upto date Minutes, Statutory Register, Board Resolutions, Issue share certificate on time and Stamping of Share Certificates is basic requirement for a company to keep upto date as per company act and rules

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